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Carter L. Schelling

Chairman, 3655 Incorporated

In 1976, Mr. Schelling left his graduate studies at Stanford University to take over the family business, an industrial distributor, when his father died suddenly at age 55. While there he diversified the company by adding industrial pipefreezing services, which he introduced to the nuclear power industry nationwide.

He sold the company to his employees and founded 3655, Incorporated, a Presidents’ Challenge Group for owners dedicated to building extraordinary companies in ordinary industries. Over the years Carter has logged over 40,000 client-facing hours working as part of the “inner circle” of dozens of locally prominent firms, contributing directly to success stories in the construction, distribution, manufacturing and service industries. His clients have appeared on the Inc. 500, Philly 100, and South Jersey 25 lists of fastest growing companies in the region.

Several of Carter’s current clients have worked with him continuously for over 30 years.

Mr. Schelling is the creator of the video series “The Market Leader Strategy” and as the creator of “The Hero Customer Strategy” is the leading authority on the impact of Customer Quality on corporate success.


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