A Classic "Ah-Ha!" Moment

"I love watching the light bulbs go off when I ask a CEO group: 'How would life change in your company if your could get a LOT more customers like your Best Customers?'"   

...Carter Schelling

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The Hero Customer Strategy Seminar

"Groups like Vistage and YPO don't need much warm-up. They're smart and the light bulbs start going off quickly as they recognize the huge opportunity that's been hiding in their blind spot.
"So I spend most of the time showing them how they can start to implement the strategy as soon as they get back to the office." ...Carter Schelling

Watch the short video below to learn the takeaways your CEO group can expect from this 3-hour seminar. For more information about The Hero Customer Strategy, watch the intro video on our Home Page.


Give your CEO Group a genuine "Ah-Ha!" Moment.
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